Park and ride


Park and ride aerial, April (large version)

Work on the Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is continuing but issues with getting an electricity supply to the site has delayed its opening.

The site was originally programmed to open towards the end of this month. It is now more likely that the park and ride will open in July.

In the meantime we are pleased to say that the following operational details have been confirmed:

The park and ride will be open daily between April and September and open Monday to Saturday from October to March, with the site closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Buses will start at:

  • 7am  Monday to Friday
  • 8am  Saturdays
  • 9am  Sundays and public holidays

Buses will run every 15 minutes and the last bus back will usually leave Weymouth Pavilion at 6.15pm.

Daily charges will be seasonal and be either £1.50, £2.50 or £3.50, depending on the time of year.

The timetable and further information will be available shortly.



29 Responses to “Park and ride”

  1. fudge Says:

    Thanks for your reply

  2. fudge Says:

    Is there any news on the last bus coming back from weymouth? We want to come down for the Carnival but 6pm bus might be to early, if we decide to stay for the fireworks.
    Parking in town is soo expensive. So this does seem to be the better option.
    If there’s room 🙂

  3. David Says:

    The signing is all up, there appears to be no work going on at the Park & ride site. All looks ready to go. Why can’t you open the cycleway now? There is no Health and safety issue any longer.

  4. annon Says:

    what is the problem with the electricity supply ? It seems to be taken ages to get it sorted !! surely this should have been planned for and sorted out before now !!
    I think a great opportunity has been missed with delaying the opening of the park n ride especially with all the roadworks in the town centre !!! looks like the roadworks will be completed before the park n ride !!!!!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi annon,

      Only when the drainage design for the site was well advanced was it appreciated that the various pumps would require more current than could be supplied from a low voltage supply.

      SSE have a significant lead in time to providing a High Voltage supply and small sub station; they also need to programme a local shut down of the HV cables to connect it.

      Further to this, the various electrical equipment within the site can only be tested and commissioned once there is power to the site.

  5. annon Says:

    have u got the electricity supply sorted yet ?

  6. Alex Says:

    Will there be a bus travelling to and from Dorchester? I heard plans that this would cater for users of the Dorchester FC park and ride that travel from Weymouth.

  7. annon Says:

    as i have seen dcc buses with weymouth park n ride on them i presume its dcc who have the contract !!! I have heard that buses will run later through the summer especially fireworks nights , carnival day etc !!!

  8. Westbay Says:

    How many parking places have been designated for Mootorhomes?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Westbay,

      There are no designated bays for motorhomes.

      Overnight parking will not be permitted, however, motorhomes will be able to use the park and ride like any other vehicle.

      • Westbay Says:

        As West Dorset refuses to allow vehicles over 4.8m long (shorter than many estate cars) to park in regular bays, how will motorhome owners park? I’ve been issued with a warning for parking in Dorchester and told that I must use one of the lorry spaces in Top of Town. My van is only 5.75m long and can easily park in Tesco, Morrisons etc, but the man from WDDC says No, we don’t want the income from motorhome users visiting the area.
        So now Weymouth seems to be following suit. Visitors from France must think we’re crazy – over there towns compete to offer the best parking facilities to attract what is a substantial and highly lucrative part of the tourist trade. When a visitor turns up in a £60grand motorhome the French attitude is: Please park here free, stay a night or two, empty your waste, fill up with water – and we’ll be happy to see you in all the restaurants, shops, bars etc spending your money. In Dorset it’s: Park here and you’ll get a fine!
        So, Weymouth, why not seize the moment and provide some spaces and get yourself on the motorhome friendly map?

      • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

        Hi Westbay,

        Although caravans and motorhomes are not specifically catered for at the Mount Pleasant Park and Ride, they will be able to park as if a car and occupy more than one bay if necessary.

        Once the park and ride is open, the provision of designated bays will be re-assessed.

        Overnight parking is prohibited for all users and the site will be locked.

  9. Chris Says:

    Bus passes are NOT valid.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Chris,

      That is correct, bus passes are not valid as travel on the bus is free – the charge is for the car park. Therefore travel on the bus is only possible if you (including passengers) have paid to park your car.

  10. Dave Says:

    Last bus back 6-15? Won’t get many holidaymakers using it then.

    • MarkG Says:

      Indeed, that was also my reaction, I think for the “silly season” – July/August, the bus needs to run until 8PM really, and at other times, perhaps outside these times, the Littlemoor bus can detour to it?

      • jamieellis Says:

        Echo that 8pm would be more realistic for the Park and Ride to be a great success.

        It not really just Late July to early September there might be a later demand (post 6:15) but also peak periods such as the Spring Bank Holidays and any late openings around the festive period.

        I hazard a guess that the £3.50 will be for the peak periods while out of season and non busy times such as November and February (in particular) will be the £1.50

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      The last bus back will usually leave Weymouth Pavilion at 6.15pm, however, it will be later when special events are on.

      Real time information at the stops will show passengers when the next bus is due, and the timetable will soon be published.

  11. JC Says:

    Who will be the operator of this service. First / SWC or DCC?

  12. David Says:

    And when can we expect the cycleway through the park and ride to be opened, please?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David,

      The cycleway will be open when the park and ride is opened.

      It can’t be open before due to it running through the construction site, with obvious health and safety implications.

  13. MarkG Says:

    Prices look reasonable, AS LONG AS THEY INCLUDE THE BUS JOURNEY for all car passengers.

    Can you confirm that this is the case?

  14. Jim Says:

    will there be any electric car charge points on site.

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