Littlemoor Road diversion


Diversion route (large version)

Around 100 metres of Littlemoor Road will be closed to through traffic for three days so that a small section of new road, which crosses over the existing one, can be finished.

From 7.30am on Monday 13 June until the evening of Wednesday 15 June, vehicles wishing to access properties between Goulds Garden Centre and Chalbury Corner will need to approach Littlemoor Road from its Preston side.

Motorists wishing to get to properties to the west of Goulds Garden Centre will need to access Littlemoor Road from Bincombe Bumps Roundabout or from Dorchester Road.

After this closure, there will be around ten weeks of work to complete the tie-ins of the side roads into the new Littlemoor Road.

For one week – from Wednesday 15 June – there will be lights at the Chalbury Corner tie-in, during which time there will also be a set of lights near Goulds Garden Centre which will be in place for around two weeks.

Read the press release.


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18 Responses to “Littlemoor Road diversion”

  1. f Says:

    I have noticed someone has collected bottles and cans that have been thrown around near the new relief road and piled them up behind the bus stop on the Littlemoor Bridge (going towards the Littlemoor Lights) with a big sign on the bus stop. Can someone please take a look at this. Also the alleyway where the new bridge is (going to Turnstone Close) will that be “strimmed”, etc – also Turnstone Close. It is very very largely overgrown with weeds, etc to the point they are getting very very untidy and high.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi f,

      Thank you for your comments regarding the bottles and cans, our site staff will take a look at this area.

      The grassed areas should be seeded during September / early October. Any outstanding scrub / shrubs will be planted in December / January.

  2. C Says:

    One the all the roadworks are completed is someone then coming in to QA everything, i.e check that fences have been completed as there are quite a few where posts are up and nothing to fill them. Also is there going to be any landscaping going on. You seem to have planted some lovely trees but the ground has been left everywhere to grow wild and mother nature has taken over everything with giant weeds, etc.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi C,

      The fencing work is ongoing – there are two to three gangs on site not only working on new sections of fence lines but also doing finishing works to fences already in place. If there are any particular areas of concern, please let us know:

      Although a large proportion of the landscaping work has been completed, there is further work programmed for this autumn.

      A lot of strimming and weed-killing is being done on an ongoing basis until plants, wild flowers and grasses have had a chance to establish, and the landscaped areas are now part of the grounds maintenance team’s spot treatment programme for maintaining verges etc.

  3. Martin Hill Says:

    Firstly, congratulations on the new A353 link road. As Julie has commented, it is a vast improvement on the old twisty, narrow road with poor paving and lots of potholes!
    Secondly it would have been quite wrong to have made it dual carriageway, particularly as the Weymouth Relief Road is basically single-carriageway. It is quite capable of coping with summer traffic, particularly now the Littlemoor lights no longer cause delays.
    Not quite sure which bus stop serves Goulds Garden Centre. There’s a shiny new one further towards Chalbury and an old one clipped to a lamp standard which doesn’t provide a safe crossing point.

  4. joan pinion Says:

    given that there’s already a serviceable road (but in need of resurfacing) why isn’t Littlemoor Road a dual carriageway? It’s a busy east/west route and four lanes would go some way to reducing the inevitable summer congestion =(

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Joan

      It would not be appropriate to have the existing Littlemoor Road as part of a dual carriageway. The new road has plenty of capacity to carry the predicted traffic.

      A dual carriageway through a residential area would create multiple issues, for instance, fast traffic, a loss of safe pedestrian environment and left turn only out of side roads – which would mean providing larger capacity roundabouts to enable drivers to turn around.

  5. julie Says:

    I would just like to say how wonderful the new littlemoor road is to walk along and not having to worry about getting clipped by a bus or lorry.I think the skanska guys are doing a great job. WELL DONE

  6. Rich Says:

    During the evenings this week Littlemoor road, king street, radipole park drive and Swannery bridge were all closed. Sometimes I do wonder why all the department isn DCC can’t just get together and agree to keep some roads open. From Winfrith to Westham was quicker via Dorchester even at 20:00.

  7. Claire Says:

    The number 31 bus DID NOT use the route specified on the posters on the bus stops, or mentioned on First Dorset’s website. It missed Littlemoor road altogether and did not go anywhere near the bus stops near the New Inn. Instead it went straight along the bypass from Morrisons. So, after walking from the other side of Littlemoor, through to Kestral View and up the new steps; (as in your infinite wisdom the pavement has been taken away on the route straight over the bridge) I then waited for 50 minutes for the Axminster bus to take me to work that went the wrong way and thus I was very very late to work and have lost pay. So that was all arranged well wasn’t it?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Claire,

      Our Dorset Passenger Transport department has looked into this, and it appears that this was driver error.

      The bus should follow its current evening/Sunday route – Dorchester Road-Littlemoor Road and then A354 to Dorchester.

  8. Martin Hill Says:

    Hope the temporary yellow signs on the approach to Chalbury roundabout will be removed! They advise motorists to use Littlemoor Road to avoid Esplanade road works.

  9. Ashley Says:

    It is no longer possible to walk over the new bridge on Littlemoor Road and on to Turnstone Close. If you are walking with a pushchair or a wheelchair, the only solution is to cross the (extremely) busy road by the Bincombe Bumps roundabout. You then have to walk on the opposite side of Littlemoor Road before crossing the (extremely) busy road again.

    I hope that this is not going to be a permanent arrangement? I cannot see a safer alternative route for people who are walking with pushchairs or wheelcharis?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Ashley,

      We’re currently building the south side of the footpath between Littlemoor Road Bridge and Turnstone Close, which has meant closing the temporary footpath on this side of the road.

      Pedestrians can still use the steps at the eastern end of the bridge to access Turnstone Close. Those with mobility problems or pushchairs will need to use the northern route as you describe.

  10. Martin Hill Says:

    Will pedestrians and/or cyclists be able to pass through?

  11. Richard Says:

    All the warning signs re the closure say it starts at 6am but this post and the press release say 7 30am. I use Littlemoor road between these times so it would help to know.

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