A354 temporary lights


Monkton pedestrian islands (large version)

For three weeks from Monday 20 June, manually controlled temporary traffic signals will be in place on the A354 in the area of Winterborne Monkton.

The lights will be in use during off-peak hours, 9.30am to 4.30pm, while four refuge islands are built; one near the Winterborne Monkton turning, one near the Winterborne Herringston turning, one between these two points and one in Herringston Road.

Surfacing of the area will be carried out from 7pm to 1am between Monday 11 July and Friday 15 July. This will also be done under temporary traffic signals, but with no access to Winterborne Monkton, Winterborne Herringston and Monkton Park from the A354.

Read the press release.


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9 Responses to “A354 temporary lights”

  1. Dave Says:

    I se the cones but when do they start?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      Work started this week to erect a number of new and replacement signs, which will continue into next week, and work will start on Monday to build the pedestrian islands.

      It should take two weeks to install the islands, after which there will be one week – starting Monday 11 July – of night work to surface the area.

  2. Rich Says:

    Four islands seems a bit excessive in a 50 yard piece of road, why so many?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Rich,

      Improved pedestrian crossing facilities are needed in the area to allow pedestrians to cross in two stages due to the busy nature of the road.

      A single island would be a danger in itself, especially if overtaking through the junction could not be prevented.

      Because the overall length of the junction is around 500m, two further islands are required – one just to the south of the Winterborne Monkton turning and one midway between the other two. The latter will also assist pedestrians accessing the two bus stops.

      Together with a new double white line system, overtaking will be prevented and improve the safety of the junction for all road users.

      A fourth island is being included as part of the current works to assist pedestrians and cyclists crossing the Herringston Road. This is partly for bus passengers wanting to access Monkton Park and partly for cyclists on the new cycleway between Weymouth and Dorchester.

      • Richard Says:

        Thanks for the update, it does seem strange that since DCC moved into Monkton Park there have a series of upgrades to allow access for council workers, yet when it was a school these “improvements” were never considered. For a council that is cutting money from other areas it does seem a waste of money to install 3 islands in such a small area. Have the council never considered people could walk to a central crossing point. I do wonder how long until the DCC decides to put lights on one of them.

      • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

        Hi Richard,

        The refurbishment of Monkton Park to form the Children’s Service’s Centre of Excellence has increased the number of staff and visitors on site, which has required the access improvements and pedestrian crossing points.

        One of the crossing points has been specifically located for easy and safe crossing for pedestrians accessing Monkton Park. There is a barrier island in-between this and the other pedestrian island, being constructed further up the A354, which is for local residents and public transport users wishing to cross the road.

        The design of the work ensures good traffic flow on the A354 while making the entering and exiting of the site safer for both pedestrians and vehicles.

        The need to ensure good traffic flow on this strategic link road means there is no intention to place a controlled crossing point here in the future.

  3. Paul Says:

    Just wanted to comment on the Winterborne Herringston junction for cyclists. When using the cycle path, you have to cross over the entrance to the junction. You’re coming down the hill (from Weymouth) at 20-30mph, and as any commuting cyclist would tell you slowing down is the last thing you want to do on a bike – you always try to keep momentum. Obviously I do slow down at the moment for safety but have a couple of ideas. One would be to cut back the hedges on the approach to the junction (when heading North). That way you would be able to see cars approacing the junction. Heading south there is a lot more visability so this would not be necessary. Another suggestion would be to move the give way markings back a bit, so that cars have to stop before the cycle path route. Or maybe a “Beware of Cyclists Crossing” sign or similar could be used. On another note – can’t wait for the cycle path to be complete at the top of the hill!!

  4. Pearson Says:

    I don’t suppose this work could have been done when all the other road work was being carried out in this area, not so long ago?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Pearson,

      This work was originally planned to follow on from the Monkton Park access improvement work last April, however it had to be postponed due to the relief road cycleway works taking priority.

      Unfortunately, due to the differing work zones, the work to complete the cycleway in this area and the work to build the pedestrian islands couldn’t be done under one set of temporary lights and would’ve required two sets of lights on a very short stretch of road.

      We appreciate that this work will cause disruption on the A354, but hopefully the working hours of 9.30am to 4.30pm will keep this to a minimum.

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