Littlemoor Road cycleway




Stretch of cycleway being built (large version)

Work will start on Monday 27 June to build the stretch of footway/cycleway between Canberra Crescent and Louviers Road. 

The cycleway is being built on the north side of the ‘old’ Littlemoor Road and will be wide enough to provide a safe route for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

This will reduce the width of the carriageway on the ‘old’ Littlemoor Road and should reduce the speed of motorists.

This section of footway/cycleway will take around five weeks to complete. Work on the west end of route may be delayed due to a nesting bird in the area.


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10 Responses to “Littlemoor Road cycleway”

  1. Nigel Smith Says:

    My wife and I bought cycles so we could make use of the new cycle paths so the news about the Littlemoor Road is very welcome. It would be helpful if there could be a map of all the cycles paths in the Weymouth area when the work along the relief road is finished.

  2. Fabian Cancellara Says:

    touché David!
    Or perhaps build a cycle way that’s straight and level but make the road weave and bend?

  3. Luke Says:

    Turning into & out of Turnstone close is difficult since the road was opened, with more traffic diverted away from the preston route into town. the volume of traffic has increased, as for when the littlemoor- preston link is finished & upgraded to 40 mph im sure all junctions off of littlemoor road will be tricky to get into & out of .

  4. Diane Crumbleholme Says:

    Great! I look forward to using it. What are you going to do about the new cycle/pathway to the south of Littlemoor Road that is already cracking and falling off the side.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Diane,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It‘s not uncommon for small cracks to appear in paths that have been built on clay.

      The situation is being monitored to assess the extent of the problem – it is likely that a sealing compound will need to be poured into the crack.

  5. Terry Says:

    Is there any point in this? All cyclists do not use the cycle/pedestrian way along the ‘new’ section of Littlemoor Road – my progress was blocked by a lycra clad cyclist yesterday and with the few cars going along the old section of the road, I would have thought it safe for them to cycle along there without the speed of the few motorists using the old road having their speed reduced. Of course, it would seem that no thought has been given to saving money by NOT building this piece of the cycleway, taxpayers will pay.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Terry,

      While cyclists cannot be forced to use the provided cycleways, there are many recreational cyclists who do not feel safe cycling on the busy roads – the new Littlemoor Road will be 40mph along part. The paths are shared paths for both pedestrians and cyclists.

      The Littlemoor Road footway/cycleway provides a vital east to west connection with the new Weymouth to Dorchester footway/cycleway.

      As you can see from the drawing, the old Littlemoor Road is no longer continuous so cannot be used as a through route by cyclists or pedestrians.

      We are confident that once the Littlemoor cycleway is finished, it will be well used by the local community and as a safe route to school. The other paths on the scheme that have been completed are being well used and there has been a lot of positive comments about them.

      • David Says:

        I agree, the cycleway network is coming on very nicely. I hope it will be as ‘safe’ for cyclists as you are hoping. My only concern is the lack of priority given to cyclists at places where the cycleway has to cross the new roads. Given the lack of consideration given to cyclists by some motorists and their reluctance to slow down for cyclists, I would like to see a little more thought into getting cyclists across these danger points, particularly as you are hoping for a safe route to school for children.

    • David Says:

      Actually, I was wondering, why waste money on the road – just have the cycleway!!

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