Park & ride opening


This Saturday the new Mount Pleasant Park and Ride in Weymouth will open.

The 1,000 space site is ideally situated at the southern end of the A354 Weymouth Relief Road, with buses running every 15 minutes into Weymouth town centre.

Read the press release.


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15 Responses to “Park & ride opening”

  1. Jason Cressey Says:

    Park & Ride system in Weymouth …. Great concept, poor delivery. Parking meters don’t take notes and won’t give change. No way of paying with any other form of payment so if you havnt got right change your stuffed. Demand for service is high yet they run 4 small mini-buses which just can’t cope with demand for people returning to car park. Your much better off taking your chances and parking in town, which is a real shame as park & ride schemes do a brilliant job of keeping traffic away from city/town centres. I’ll certainly be bringing my car into Weymouth next time.

  2. Jim Says:

    How do you get hold of one of the card to be able to access the electric car charging points and is there a cost.

    Also is it possible to change the ticket machine so that if the buses aren’t running then you can’t get a ticket. You can pay for a ticket to Dorchester on a Saturday/Sunday but you can’t get a bus, and the time table is well away from the ticket machine.

    Looks great, i like the cycle track, from Dorchester to the beach now.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jim,

      At this present time the Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCP) are not currently available. The EVCP will be open to the public to use. However, to use the units you will need to register with us to receive an RFID swipe card which is required to access the unit and recharge a vehicle. This ensures that access to electricity is safe and not abused. DCC will issue the cards directly to the public; the exact details of the registration process are being finalised and there will be a cost to become a ‘member’ and receive the swipe card.

      More information can be found on

      We are currently producing signs for the ticket machines stating that the Dorchester park & ride is only Monday to Friday. We hope to have these signs in place before the weekend.

  3. Paul Says:

    As people will be able to charge up their electric vehicles for free (at a cost to the council) I assume you will be providing free to use petrol pumps as well?

  4. Danny Says:


    Please can you confirm whether Mercery Road will get double yellow lines once the park & ride opens. Theres currently no restrictions and parking on this road already causes a serious hazard which will only get worse once the park & ride busses and additional transport use this road as well.

    many thanks

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Danny,

      As part of this scheme we do not propose to install double yellow lines on Mercery Road.

      Parking restrictions are dealt with by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council. The Parking Services Team can be contact on 01305 838000 who will be able to advise whether any parking restrictions are programmed for this area.

  5. Jamie Says:

    is there any parent and toddler spaces? i see disabled spaces but its also nice to have a little extra room to get infants and babies out of the car and you also get inconsiderate people that leave cigarette paper space between yours and their car, even though they can plainly see that you have a child seat in

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jamie,

      There are no specific parent and toddler spaces, however the standard spaces in the park & ride are 2.4m wide which is wider than in most standard supermarket car parks. Also, within the overflow car park the space widths are not marked so there is scope for leaving more space between cars.

  6. David Says:

    Great news to hear the cycleway will be open in time for the school holidays. Would it be possible to mark on your drawing the cycleway route around the park and ride, as It is not immediately obvious as it stands? Will cyclists have any priorities getting across the road into the park and ride, which hopefully will be pretty busy at certain times of the day?
    Let me add that the cycleways are brilliant and have the potential to transform commuting around Weymouth into a much more pleasurable experience and much safer, too. Very well done.

  7. Bob Taylor Says:

    What time is the first bus into Weymouth abd What time last bus from Weymouth ??

  8. Jim Says:

    are the electric car charging points marked, are they dedicated to electric cars. They don’t appear on your map.

    Many thanks

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Jim,

      There will be two electrical points, each of which will allow two vehicles to be charged. These 4 spaces will be marked as electric vehicles only.

      To access these spaces you will need to keep left as you enter the park & ride site.

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