Bincombe junction and Ridgeway cycleway set to open


Another milestone in the Weymouth Relief Road project will be reached on Friday (5 August), with the opening of the new Bincombe junction and completion of cycleway routes.

Vehicles from Upwey, Broadwey and Bincombe will be able to join northbound traffic to Dorchester, and southbound traffic can leave the relief road to join Dorchester Road and Bincombe Lane.

With the opening of the junction, the free shuttle service provided by the county council from Upwey to link up with bus services from Littlemoor will finish on Friday.

The remaining section of the Weymouth to Dorchester cycleway – between Bincombe and the Ridgeway bridge – will open on the same day.

The Weymouth Relief Road project is now almost complete. Remaining works along Littlemoor Road should be finished by mid-September, with grass seeding to be carried out in the autumn followed by shrub planting in December and January.

Read the press release.


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14 Responses to “Bincombe junction and Ridgeway cycleway set to open”

  1. K Says:

    Yet again over 200 cars + 2 large articulated lorry’s + 3 coach’s + 15+ cars and caravans in 1 hour have all gone past the tiny sign at the end of the Ridgeway saying turn right for Dorchester, it has been causing congestion for the farmers in there tractors as everyone is having to turn around in such a small area. We need a sign to say village only as this is not helping.
    This has been mentioned to the police but it is a council problem.
    Everybody getting off the ferry in there cars are following sat navs but the “hair pin” bend is gone so they try to enter the village get into the village and it tells them to turn around. Most of the village was kept awake by cars racing back as they had made a wrong turn in frustration.
    I do not mean to moan but something needs to be done on Monday 8th August with all new signs before next weekend.

    • Luke Morris Says:

      This is hilarious! I do feel sorry for the local residents of bincombe. Surley someone must of seen this coming. The problem nowadays is people get in their cars, turn on their sat navs & just drive without looking at any road signs directing otherwise. How could anyone miss the sign on the approach to morrisons roundabout out of Weymouth……its big enough!

    • lostockhall Says:

      Surely the simplest solution is to change the road markings, so that the road from Upwey bears right on a bend to the slip road. People tend to just follow a road unthinkingly so, they would go round the bend onto the slip,as long as there were large black and white arrow signs. This wouldn’t be a problem for those coming into Upwey, as they only have to look straight on for traffic at the junction on the bend. The Road Closed signs just cause people to stop there and ring up somebody. I’ve seen them doing it.

      Use the white lines to make them go where you want them to go.

  2. K Says:

    This is a complete shambles, for one thing the cars coming from the Dorchester road end are getting to the new tunnel and are flooring it past the poor three cottages on the left just after the tunnel as there are no signs saying 30 MPH. It is suppose to be a 30 limit, there are CHILDREN and DOGS around. Also there is not enough signs telling you the legal limit, this is an accident waiting to happen. More cars past the three cottages and through the village yesterday then turned around in the village than ever before. I think someone in charge needs to get up from behind there desk and come and talk with the people who live there. Have some respect for the village!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anon. Says:

    Will both the 31 and the 10 buses run as far as Upwey?

    The council couldn’t tell me.

  4. Geoff Says:

    Is there a time for the opening? I guess we just have to wait until the ‘road closed’ signs have gone from the Dorchester Road…

    I look forward to the return of the buses but above all I look forward to all the people who use the Dorchester road from Weymouth being able to have an escape after driving all the way up only to do a u-turn as they don’t quite understand what ‘Road Closed’ actually means!

    When will we know what alterations will be made to downgrade the old road and hopefully ensure a REDUCTION in speed of a great deal of the traffic.?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Unfortunately I am not able to confirm a time that the junction will open today, however it will be open by mid-afternoon.

      I am unable to provide you with an update at present as work is still continuing on the revised designs.

      On-street parking, pedestrian facilities, a cycleway and a review of current road markings are being looked at as part of the revised scheme. A main priority is to address the issue of potential speeding motorists.

      Further public exhibitions will be held to hear what residents think, later this year, when the new proposals have been finalised.

      • Pete Says:

        On street parking between stottingway street and Littlemoor road surely has to be the answer, the side roads like Victoria Avenue are crammed with cars from that part of Dorchester Road who cannot park near theuir own homes. Allowing car parking on one side would create trafic calming without much cost.

  5. Bob Taylor Says:

    Born at Wyke Regis 75 years ago. was in the very first class at Broadwey School. Have not lived in Weymouth area for over 50 years but still have relatives there. I find it a great asset not to have to go through Upwey & Broadwey now. I think it will be a big advantage after tomorrow with the Bincombe junction open

  6. Nigel Smith Says:

    Great news! Hopefully the Dorchester commutors will now use this access to the relief road rather than driving through Upwey village. That would really be good news!

  7. Luke Morris Says:

    I concur with the above comment!

  8. adele Says:


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