Bincombe junction & Upwey shuttle service


You may be aware that local bus companies have raised some concerns about the new Bincombe junction. We are talking with the bus companies and are investigating these concerns.

While discussions are taking place we have extended the existing free shuttle service from Upwey to Littlemoor for a further week while the situation is resolved.

The shuttle service will now finish on Saturday 13 August after the last timetabled service (7pm).

An independent safety audit has already been carried out on the junction, and we are confident it is safe to use by all motorists.


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14 Responses to “Bincombe junction & Upwey shuttle service”

  1. Stafford Pulman Says:

    Drivers using the old road are probably following sat-nav systems which have not been updated yet. That of course does not include locals who need this access rather than travel to Littlemoor. Having had another look at the junctions I agree the north going does present a tight turn to a long vehicle, but I did see a lorry enter the new road to travel north without entering the outside lane. Accelaration will always be a problem as some vehicles need a long length of road to pick up speed on a hill. Far longer than any reasonable accelaration lane. The lorry I followed was only touching 40mph by the time it had reached the top of the hill

  2. Dave Says:

    Whilst the relief road on the whole is a great success it has got to be said there are two issues that road users are not happy with.

    1) Bincombe junction is not fit for purpose.

    2) Cyclists using the road when they have a purpose built cycleway

    So come on DCC what are you going to do to put them right for the public you serve..

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave.

      The junction has been designed in accordance with national highway standards and has been independently safety audited to ensure that it is safe to use by all motorists.

      Please see the latest blog post for an update on the junction:

      Although as part of the scheme a cycleway is provided, cyclists are able to use the road if they wish. There is a metre strips on each side of the carriageway so cyclists can keep clear of the traffic.

      • Dave Says:

        Are you saying that DCC planners are incapable of planning an acceleration lane, because there is room if it was put north of this junction and the bridge.
        See the website below for coments from the public.

        As soon as there are casualties from using this junction DCC planners should hold their heads low.

        There are no metre strips to the north of the relief road and that is where cyclists create a problem.

      • Dave Says:

        Has anybody noticed that the run off exiting at this junction also causes problems. It is so short that you have to brake on the relief road inconveniencing other vehicles.
        It is too short for a downhill stretch. No doubt DCC planners will say it meets national highway standards.

  3. Geoff Says:

    It’s not just busses that will experience difficulties at this junction but any other large / slow vehicle.

    Many drivers leaving Weymouth are still using the old road as they seem unable to read the very large signs showing them the new and much better route. This includes HGV, caravans, campers, boat trailers, foreign cars etc.
    It is also plainly obvious they think the speed limit on the old road has been increased when they find an un-hindered route in front of them.
    How (if) this will be addressed remains to be seen!

    I hope the bus company will return the #10 and 31 services but anyone with any common sense will know this junction, as it stands, is not fit for purpose.

    • Luke Says:

      What some people seem to be forgetting is that the new road was built to give relief to Dorchester road, not BYPASS it, hence the name, Relief Road, & that every road tax paying person still has every right to use Dorchester road north & south of littlemoor traffic lights to go about there business or pleasure as they please.
      As for the purpose of this blog (bincombe junction & shuttle service). The junction in question in my view needs to be ripped up & rebuilt. When travelling north on the relief road in the crawler lane, the gradient & curve in the road does not give the driver time to see a car at the junction & maneuver into the overtaking lane, if clear to allow someone waiting to join the main flow. its not clearly marked & you dont see it, until you have passed it. With filtering lanes put on all other new junctions in weymouth, why was one not put here?

      • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

        Hi Luke,

        The council has not provided an acceleration lane at the junction as this would not meet with national highway design standards. This is because there would be a risk of merging vehicles forcing other vehicles into the path of oncoming traffic. The existing give-way layout means that a vehicle has to wait for a safe gap to pull out.

  4. annon Says:

    i am a bus driver and i can tell you that no matter the age of the bus it is too dangerous because when turning out of the junction you have no choice but use both lanes to make the turning so not to catch the kerb or street furniture !!! remember a bus or coach or hgv need more room than a car when making a turn !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wesley Lees Says:

    Speaking as a Chartered Civil Engineer, the northbound on-access is poorly designed. There is land to put in an acceleration lane and one should have been provided.

    But in all other aspects, well done Skanska.

  6. Martin Hill Says:

    Whatever the age of the bus, pulling out onto a steep hill is very different to the level exits of the A303

  7. Rich Says:

    the junctions look fine and would work well if the local bus companies had a newer fleet, but it seems like we only get others casts off.
    On the A303 there are a few junctions like this not on a hill but with no acceleration lane and they work quite well.

  8. Stafford Pulman Says:

    I see nothing wrong with the junctions either north or south going. I got trapped behind a group of 5 cars who could not pull over to avoid a lorry entering to travel north because of the excessive speed of vehicles in the outside lane. Sort out those that enter the outer lane and stay in it travelling far in excess of 60mph. Watch the Dorchester workers racing to work in the mornings and striving to advance a car or two at the merge arrows and it’s easy to see why there might be a problem.

  9. Martin Hill Says:

    The entry from Bincombe has no acceleration lane and is a recipe for disaster – just imagine a slow bus pulling into traffic travelling at up to 60 miles per hour! Who on earth designed that?!!

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