Park and ride for Weymouth Carnival


Dorset County Council will be laying on an extended park and ride service for people enjoying Weymouth Carnival on Wednesday 17 August.

The service will operate as normal until the Esplanade closes at 4.45pm, with the last day services at 4.15pm from the Mount Pleasant Park and Ride site and 4.30pm from the Pavilion.

Six buses – double the usual three – will then run non-stop throughout the evening ferrying passengers to and from the Carnival events.

The park and ride car park will remain open into the evening, with the overflow parking area open to provide up to 1,000 spaces. 

The charge will remain at the summer rate of £3.50, which includes the journey to and from Weymouth for a driver and up to six passengers.

Read the press release.


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11 Responses to “Park and ride for Weymouth Carnival”

  1. David Says:

    If you are really serious about the public getting to the Olympic venues by public transport, cycling and walking might it not be a possibility to offer bike hire facilities from the park and ride. Particularly as the visitors will be faced with a £10 parking fee and a minimum of 95 minutes, by bus, to reach the viewing sites, each way. Just an idea, maybe you’ve got plans along these lines anyway.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi David,

      We are looking to implement bike hire facilities at the Mount Pleasant park & ride site. We hope this will be in place shortly.

      We are also working closely with the Olympic Delivery Authority regarding temporary park & ride sites for the Games which we will pass on your comments regarding bike hire facilities.

  2. Dave Midcalf Says:

    Planed to come down to Weymouth for the day tomorrow, before I new the carnival was on. My wife’s disabled although can walk with aides and assistance and have 2 young children. Found this site and looks very good and reasonable so will let you know after the experience.
    Should add I haven’t used a park and ride before because of the need to have the car close by for the wife so this should be interesting.

  3. Martin Hill Says:

    Hope the traffic control staff can display the price on the variable display screen as it’s the cheapest all-day parking in Weymouth. Visitors may avoid the park and ride as they think it’s expensive.

    • Pete Says:

      I agree with Martin as my post earlier suggests, the price needs to be on the signs all the time and not just for Carnival Day!

  4. Geoff Says:

    Will the temporary traffic lights along the Littlemoor ‘crossover’ be removed by carnival day?
    The illuminated sign at Preston directs drivers that way for the park & ride only to get caught by the lights!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Unfortunately the temporary traffic lights will still be in place on carnival day. We will be monitoring the road network and will manually control the temporary lights if required to keep disruption to a minimum.

  5. Rich Says:

    I completely agree with all the above comments, and i was always concerned what the charge would be for the park & ride and £3.50 is more than reasonable compared to what is charged in town. But unless the people that come to visit are encouraged to use the park & ride then there will always be a majority who wants to park in the town so they are conveniently close to the beach.

  6. Martin Hill Says:

    Let’s hope lots of people use it and reduce the congestion in town. It’s a bargain if you intend staying all day.

  7. Pete Says:

    I think the very resonable £3.50 should be publicised on the Illuminated signs on the relief road and at Preston so that punters are attrated to the Park and Ride as an economical way to park all day if wanted. At that price people are definitely missing a trick by going on into town and parking.

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