Bincombe junction update


Following concerns from the bus companies, Dorset County Council has met with them to look at improvements that can be carried out at the Bincombe junction. As a result of these meetings we have agreed to carry out some minor alterations to the junction.

The agreed changes will be carried out over the next two weeks. We will then meet with the companies again to see if they are satisfied with the junction.

While these works and further discussions are taking place the Dorchester Road shuttle service will continue to operate.

The junction has been designed in accordance with national highway standards and has been independently safety audited to ensure that it is safe to use by all motorists.

We have received a few comments asking why we have not provided an acceleration lane at this junction. An acceleration lane has not been provided at the junction as it would not meet with national highway design standards. This is because there is a risk of merging vehicles forcing other vehicles into the path of oncoming traffic. The existing give-way layout means that a vehicle has to wait for a safe gap to pull out.

Read the press release.


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7 Responses to “Bincombe junction update”

  1. Martin Says:

    Even with the promised improvements to the Bincombe junction the local bus drivers are still saying that they will ‘wait and see’ before they and their bosses decide whether to use this dangerous junction. I had a knock there the other day, thank goodness it was not worse!

  2. Weymouth Relief Road Says:

    Thank you for your comments regarding the Bincombe junction. We do listen to the comments that are received by members of the public, and will be making some changes to the junction shortly.

    • Martin Hill Says:

      It’s good news to hear that you do take notice of comments from ratepayers and others. Of course there are the usual inane comments on various websites, including the Dorset Echo, but amongst them there are some very constructive and sensible suggestions.
      Generally the Weymouth Relief Road is a job well done, but there are issues such as the Bincombe junction and the length of time it’s taking to complete the Littlemoor Road link, particularly those temporary traffic signals near the Garden Centre, which have been there for a while now.
      Equally the Weymouth Transport Package has delivered some much-needed improvements, but there are issues still to be resolved as highlighted on various blogs. We hope that the planners are still monitoring closely the traffic flows in and around Weymouth, and not just from the control room in Dorchester. Sometimes the only way to understand the problems is to get into the traffic personally!

  3. Martin Hill Says:

    Why don’t the DCC road planners read the comments of the ordinary man in the street both on this site and in the Daily Echo? Are they so complacent to believe that they have it right and the residents of Weymouth have it wrong? They are public servants yet make no comment! The Bincombe Junction onto the A354 is a no-go except for light vehicles with good acceleration. To hide behind the nonsense about a Safety Audit is ignoring common-sense.

  4. Rob Says:

    This junction is absolutely ridiculous, what a load of complete rubbish about not passing safety audits ect.. travelling to Dorchester the other evening overtaking a caravan and truck pulled right out in front of us, causing the caravan driver to panic and swerve into the fast lane just as I was overtaking! So very lucky no other vehicle was coming towards us as I would of gone head on right into them, what an absolute disaster waiting to happen the planners better just pray that when people are killed at this junction its not any of my family who are victims! Stupid stupid people, just wait until the weather gets worse and we are hit with fog…. I predict bleak times ahead for this road.

  5. Martin Says:

    I see that there is a yellow sign at the now farm track (old A354 Bincombe bend) instructing drivers to ‘ignore your sat nav’. This is presumably because drivers now using the new Bincombe junction are trying to turn up the track. The same sign needs to be sited at the Littlemoor lights together with a new green directional sign so that cars, lorries, cars & trailers (boats and caravans) on their way up Dorchester Road turn right and join the Relief Road at the Littlemoor roundabout. I have lived through the road closure at Upwey and witnessed literally hundreds of such road users since March having to turn around. They all complain about inadequate signage which references localities which mean nothing to people unfamiliar with the area. Common sense signage please.

  6. Dave Says:

    Saying an acceleration lane would not meet design standards is simply saying the DCC planners are not capable. They had enough time to do it.
    Please look at some of the coments on this web page to see what the public think about this.

    Yes there are white lines for cyclists to use on the relief road but not between it and Dorchester. This is where they create a problem not using the cycle way.

    Perhaps some strongly worded safety signs are required

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