Work at Bincombe junction


Work will be starting on Monday 22 August to make minor alterations to the Bincombe junction.

During next week a section of one of the northbound lanes of the A354 Weymouth Relief Road around the Bincombe junction will be closed from approximately 8am to 6pm while this work is completed.

We hope to complete the junction alterations by the end of the week. However, if there are any delays no work will be carried out over the Bank Holiday weekend and work will resume on Tuesday 30 August.

Bincombe junction will remain open during these works, so access to and from Bincombe and Upwey will not be affected.

Work will be carried out to move the kerb line on the on-slip and improve visibility on the approach to the junction.  For more information, see our news release.

During this work, there will be a slight diversion in place for cyclists and pedestrians who will need to use the on-slip at Bincombe junction to continue along the relief road. Diversion signing will be in place to direct cyclists and pedestrians.



7 Responses to “Work at Bincombe junction”

  1. lostockhall Says:

    Are National Highway Standards sacrosanct? Are you not allowed to design junctions to a higher standard than that? An acceleration lane is needed, up to the start of the cutting. Long I know but, it will take that long for loaded lorries to get any sort of low speed up before pulling out, although if it is clear they could pull out sooner. You shouldn’t build roads down to National Standards, you should build them to be safe. The A352/A35 junction on the \Dorchester bypass is another example of a junction designed to be unsafe. The right turn traffic should have slips to/from the bridge.
    Don’t rigidly follow theoretical design.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      The national design standards have been developed over many years with safety very much in mind. They also ensure that there is a degree of consistency across the country so that drivers know what to expect. Where considered desirable then a relaxation of the standards can be applied to Dorset roads.

      A long merger lane is considered to be less safe than the current Bincombe Junction. Having a section of four-lane road going up Ridgeway would lead some drivers to assume there was two lanes in each direction. There is plenty of visibility for drivers on the side road to see approaching vehicles and also for drivers on the A354 to see slow moving vehicles in the climbing lane. At busy times drivers may have to wait a while for a suitable gap in the traffic. You will note some buses and heavily loaded lorries are still travelling very slowly when they reach the top of the hill and faster vehicles use the middle lane to overtake them.

  2. Phil Taylor Says:

    The funny thing on this drawing is TWO of the blue/white arrows are pointing THE WRONG WAY – lets hope the engineer setting up the signs uses his head and doesnt follow this drawing!!

    • Phil Taylor Says:

      ah I take it back, I see now that they are right if I was driving down that imaginary road from left to right, sat in a car 🙂 doesnt look good on paper though 🙂 hehehehe

  3. Dave Says:

    I hope the the bus companys reject these paultry efforts. The health and safety issues raised by the public are not being listened to.
    My family and friends have all independently said they will not use it during peak periods.
    Lets hope the first accident is not fatal and maybe then you will do something.

  4. Luke Says:

    Does this not just show the coned off area for works to take place. What is actually going to be done to the junction to make it safer!

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Luke,

      The drawing on this post shows the traffic management layout that will be in place during the works.

      The works being carried out are to enhance visibility and make a small adjustment to the inside kerb line of the on-slip to make the road wider for all types of larger vehicles exiting the junction.

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