Reminder – A354 Ridgeway night closure


From Monday 12 September to Friday 23 September 2011, the A354 between Dorchester and Weymouth will be closed to allow Dorset County Council to carry out essential resurfacing works on the Ridgeway.

The A354 Dorchester Road/Weymouth Relief Road will be closed between the Stadium Roundabout and the Jurassic Roundabout between 7pm and 6am on week nights. The road will be open over the weekend of 17-18 September.

While the road is temporarily closed, the diversion route for southbound traffic will be signed from the Stadium Roundabout onto the A35 eastbound, taking the A352 to the Warmwell Cross Roundabout and the A353 via Preston to the Bincombe Bumps Roundabout, then taking the second exit towards the Jurassic Roundabout at the bottom of the relief road.  The reverse route applies in the northbound direction.

Local residents will be able to cross the A354 at Monkton Park for access to homes via the local side roads.  Emergency vehicles will be able to travel through the work site.



11 Responses to “Reminder – A354 Ridgeway night closure”

  1. Dave Says:

    Why is the new suface not the same quality as the surface on the relief road and the Stadium roundabout ?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      The surface is a different material and has a different texture. It has been used because of its compatibility with the existing materials below, it is not new construction like the relief road.

      • Dave Says:

        Sorry but you answer does not make sense. They removed the surface and replaced it with two layers surely the top one can match the relief road surface.
        Plus it has not been layed as smoothly as the relief road.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      The choice of materials laid are dependant on the lower layers.

      The lower layers of this section of carriageway are not compatible with the materials that have been used on the relief road. The relief road is a new design; the old road dates back to Roman times and there is a difference between the lower layers of material.

      • Dave Says:

        Are you saying that there is not finer grade of material that will go on that lower surface. There are lot of old roads in Dorset with that use a finer grade.
        Also why didnt they lay the material they have layed smoothly.
        There are a lot of roads in Dorset that are smooth but laid with a chunky material.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      There are finer grades of material that would go on the top of the lower layer but we have to consider the nature of the road.

      To achieve a satisfactory life for the class of road, the surfacing that has been used is the best material and gave best value for money.

      The surfacing has been laid smoothly. The texture of the surface will feel different when driving along the road as it is a different type of material.

      • Dave Says:

        As one without a featherbed suspension on my car I must disagree. There are more ripples on the surface than the sea of Weymouth.
        You have got a bodge job next to a quality suface.
        I dont think quality came into the contract.

  2. Geoff Says:

    The published route for the diversion is via Warmwell cross but we all know that many locals will use Stottingway / Goulds Hill.
    If it’s not too late could we have some of the digital speed indicators along this route as well as the ones provided via Warmwell etc?
    My main concern is still the speed of the traffic along the old Dorchester Road at Upwey.

  3. Derek Tilsed Says:

    it says on your e mail the road between weymouth and dorchester will open after night work at 6 am on the eltric board at dorchester it says it opens at 5 am witch is correct

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