Littlemoor Road update


The works along Littlemoor Road have been progressing well. Works of this nature are always fiddly and complex as you have to maintain access and tie into the existing layout.

A substantial amount of kerbing and surfacing has been completed. In addition, drainage and ducting for electric supplies to lighting and signing has been put in.

Works still to be complete include:

  • The link to Louviers Road (east), which is currently being carried out under temporary traffic lights
  • The link to Canberra Crescent
  • The remaining sections of footway/cycleway
  • Tidying up the completed links to accesses and side roads

The works are due to be completed towards the middle of October, although there will be some remedial works to complete in the following months.



10 Responses to “Littlemoor Road update”

  1. C Says:

    Is this correct that the Skanska site that has recently been burnt down is going to be used as a new park and ride facility.

    Don’t you think this area has had enough to put up with, now a park and ride. This will also make the whole relief road a mockery – the amount of cars that will come and go from that site, which will the clog up the littlemoor road and we will be back to square one again.

    I thought the understanding was that once Skanska had finished using the site then it would be returned to the farmer exactly as it was found (a field).

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi C,

      The Skanska site compound is being returned to farm land and will be given back to the landowner. This site is not proposed to be used as a temporary park & ride.

      With regards to temporary park & ride sites during the 2012 Olympic Games I have passed your comments onto the team who are working on this and will ask them to respond to you directly.

  2. Dave Says:

    Sorry first question not exact.
    How long before the Littlemoor traffic lights on Dorchester road are dispatched to history?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Dave,

      The environmental improvement plans for Dorchester Road – which aim to enhance the landscape and promote a calm street scene – are currently being revised following consultation with local residents at the end of last year.

      On-street parking, pedestrian facilities, a cycleway and a review of current road markings are being looked at as part of the scheme.

      Our scheme engineers are currently looking at the whole length of Dorchester Road to identify areas for improvements. Some of the current concepts that may be considered include the removal of the traffic lights at the Littlemoor Road/Dorchester Road junction.

      Further public exhibitions will be held to hear what residents think, later this year/early next year, when the new proposals have been finalised.

  3. Dave Says:

    How long before the Littlemoor traffic lights are dispatched to history?

  4. Regular Joe Bloggs Says:

    Will the old bits of littlemoor road (that are now cul-de-sacs) be resurfaced as part of these works, or just patched up?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Regular Joe Bloggs

      There are no plans as part of this scheme to resurface the old Littlemoor Road.

      The north side adjacent to the new footpath is currently being patched.

      Any road crossings that are part of the relief road scheme will be reinstated.

  5. Ashley Says:

    Why were the bus stops not designed as “lay-bys” to allow traffic to flow whilst the bus is at the stop? Some are- but the majority are not. This will encourage people to try and over take the bus- thus causing accidents.

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi Ashley,

      Bus lay-bys are more difficult to use by buses and pedestrians, the raised kerbs do not work as well and it is difficult for the bus to rejoin a busy flow of traffic.

      With the introduction of the easier-access high kerb at bus stops, the provision of these within a lay-by makes it much harder for the bus to draw up at the required distance from the kerb because of the bus’s angle of approach. Bus lay-bys therefore need to be considerably longer than they used to be. It has also been found that there is much less parking abuse at bus stops when there is no lay-by.

      Our policy is to provide a lay-by only where either the buses need to rest to keep up with their timetable or it would be dangerous for the bus to stop for any length of time. The majority of stops along Littlemoor Road are in-line with adequate space for vehicles to pass even if it means encroaching onto the hatching. The hatching is bounded by a warning mark not a solid line – it could therefore be used with care.

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