Canberra Crescent


The junction tie-in at Canberra Crescent is nearing completion.

Work on the road will be finished tomorrow, however for safety reasons the junction will not reopen to traffic until Saturday afternoon so that the footways can be completed.



2 Responses to “Canberra Crescent”

  1. John Jenkins Says:

    Why is it that almost all of the new central traffic separater islands intrude so much into the carriageways? The central bollards are well illuminated and very visible but the extended curbs are unexpected and more difficult to see in conditions of poor visibility. I can see that wider islands may be needed at pedestrian crossing points, but at other locations they present a very real danger to car tyres, wheels and suspension if clipped. Will the Council pay up for all the damage? Older style islands were not like this and yet served perfectly well to separate the traffic lanes. The much wider new style seems totally unnesessary and a real danger to motorists. Judging by the black marks on most of them they have already been hit by many vehicles. How many have been damaged? What is the thinking behind these unnecessarily large islands?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Hi John,

      The majority of islands constructed as part of the scheme provide crossing facilities, which the width of the islands cater for pedestrians and cyclists.

      With the exception of the central island near Morrisons, which is slightly less than 3 metres due to limited space available, there is a 3 metre carriageway width for vehicles.

      By providing islands that are more prominent and reducing carriageway widths it helps to control vehicle speeds as well as providing a safer crossing facility.

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