Landmark sculpture for Weymouth


Artist's impression of Jurassic Stones sculpture by Richard HarrisYou may have noticed that work is being carried out in the balancing pond next to Jurassic roundabout. 

Work is underway to construct a landmark sculpture for Weymouth.

Artist Richard Harris has created the sculpture titled ‘Jurassic Stones’. The picture above shows an artist impression of the sculpture.

The sculpture will be created using boulders which were revealed in Southdown Ridge when work began in preparation for the new road.

The idea of incorporating art in the development of the relief road was proposed in the Weymouth and Portland Commissioning Plan for 2012. The project has received funding from Arts Council England.

Subject to weather, the sculpture is due to be finished in December.

Read the press release.


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20 Responses to “Landmark sculpture for Weymouth”

  1. Dave Says:

    Take a look at this web page to see what people of this.

    • Mark G Says:

      Take a look to see what 10 people out of a population of 70,000 people think…

      Get some perspective. Most people either have no opinion, or like it.

  2. Sue Says:

    Will there at any stage be a welcome to weymouth sign erected at the top of ridgeway hill? Its all good and fancy having these posionous mushrooms at Littlemoor, but there is no welcoming sign for visitors as they enter the borough? Or better still, the pineapples….

  3. Dave Says:

    Is the cost of over £300,000 correct?

    • Weymouth Relief Road Says:

      Yes, the cost of the project is around £335,000. Of this, the majority (£311,000) is funded by the Arts Council. Dorset County Council has made no direct contribution to the cost of the artwork. A contribution of £4,000 was however made by the Dorset Strategic Partnership (DSP), which was mainly funded by the county council. The Weymouth and Portland Partnership has also made a contribution. The main county council contribution was from the ‘reward grant’ which we received from Government for hitting various targets in the Local Area Agreement (LAA).

  4. Peter Harris Says:

    Will there be more of these or similar? One to break-up the dreadful barren chalk, high banks near the top of the Ridgeway might take away the feeling of an industrial estate entry road.

  5. Dave Says:

    This can be afforded but a decent slip lane at the Upwey junction where traffic joins the main carriageway going uphill cannot be built?!

  6. Martyn Gleaden Says:

    I hope we didn’t pay the “artist” anything for designing this Weymouth Folly. My 3 year old ggson would have done it for nothing, and probably with more relevance to the area…

  7. Stone_Me Says:

    I can’t believe they’re wasting money on this when there’s so much more to be done to make the place look, and work, better

  8. John Jenkins Says:

    Interesting and probably maintenance free. One hopes it will not distract drivers too much trying to puzzel it out! It would be nice to see a full explanation of the functions of the many ponds created, and a map of all the connections.

    • Peter Harris Says:

      Have to agree that a detailed diagram of the balancing ponds and the eco plan that must go with them would be interesting. Could be on information plinths on the pic-nic area now created across the road from the ‘toadstool patch’ and maybe alongside the cycle path opposite Goulds where the weeds are already growing through the path.

  9. Dave Says:

    Jurrassic mushrooms!

  10. Nigel Smith Says:

    Wondered what was happening. Looks really good look forward to seeing it finished.

  11. Luke Says:

    Im impressed! Its different, & gives people something to look at. I always thought some sculptures would look really good along the new route into Weymouth, with stone from southdown ridge being used too! I hope the finished product looks as good as the artists impression, if not better! Any plans for any others?

  12. ray Says:

    could have made a model boating lake ie sailing if noise is a issue,
    but sculpture is to many to high and only get covered in bird ! well
    you get the picture why not turn them into seats

  13. Terry Says:

    Looks like a load of poisonous toadstools, wonder how long it will take for the yobs to lasso them and pull them over?

  14. jacqueline (@jacquiez1) Says:

    is this a trick to lure all the trippy mushroomers into the middle, so they are then eaten alive by the mysterious Jurassic monster? one way to dispose of them i suppose .

  15. Mark G Says:

    I really like it! Is this a permanent thing? or will it be transformed back into a boring balancing pond after the Olympics?

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