Final Aerial Pictures


The final set of aerial images for the Weymouth Relief Road is now available on our Flickr account.

The image above is looking west along the completed Littlemoor Road.

Over the next few months we will be carrying out remedial works and completing fencing and landscaping across the scheme.

As this will mark completion of construction of the relief road, we will no longer be regularly updating this blog. 

We hope you have found it informative and interesting.   Thanks for all your comments and feedback.  

For transport and travel news and advice in Weymouth and Portland, keep an eye on the Dorset Newsroom.

All questions and enquiries about the relief road can still be directed to Dorset Highways:

Phone: 01305 224394



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4 Responses to “Final Aerial Pictures”

  1. Izmo Says:

    Thanks for the updates on the road. Good to get the information straight from the horses mouth.

    Best. Blog. Ever.

  2. Geoff Says:

    I agree with Mark.
    The blog has really kept us up to date with all the developments on the road. It has been a fantastic project to follow from the start and the pictures have been great, especially the ones from the air.!

    Good work, Thanks.

  3. Dave Says:

    You have to say full marks for Skanska
    For DCC poor quality control and planning.

  4. Mark G Says:

    It’s been a pleasure reading this blog.

    Many thanks for all the updates.

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