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Landscaping works continue

October 17, 2011

With autumn now upon us the remaining batch of soft landscaping has begun in earnest.

The clearance and eradication of perennial weed growth is underway, preparing the ground for the final seeding and planting works.

The Bincombe junction area, Littlemoor Road and the Park & Ride are the main focus of works, consisting of amenity and agricultural grass seeding and native tree and shrub planting.



Bincombe junction bus services

September 8, 2011

After completion of the minor works to Bincombe junction, we have now had further discussions with the bus companies.

First Group have confirmed that from Monday 12 September their services will use Bincombe junction and they will monitor it over the coming months.

  • Service 10 will use the old Dorchester Road and Bincombe junction
  • Service 31 will use the old Dorchester Road and Bincombe junction in the evenings

For operational reasons, South West Coaches will not be using Bincombe junction.

  • Service 210 will continue to use the Weymouth Relief Road

Wilts and Dorset have not yet come to a decision on whether Service 183 will use Bincombe junction.

The Dorchester Road shuttle service will finish on Saturday 10 September after the last timetabled service (7pm).

Upwey shuttle service

August 24, 2011

The Dorchester Road shuttle service will now finish on Saturday 10 September after the last timetabled service (7pm).

Work at Bincombe junction is progressing well and we hope that it will be complete at the end of this week.

Discussions with bus companies will take place once the works are complete.

We will provide an update on the bus services once further details are available.

Work at Bincombe junction

August 19, 2011

Work will be starting on Monday 22 August to make minor alterations to the Bincombe junction.

During next week a section of one of the northbound lanes of the A354 Weymouth Relief Road around the Bincombe junction will be closed from approximately 8am to 6pm while this work is completed.

We hope to complete the junction alterations by the end of the week. However, if there are any delays no work will be carried out over the Bank Holiday weekend and work will resume on Tuesday 30 August.


Bincombe junction update

August 11, 2011

Following concerns from the bus companies, Dorset County Council has met with them to look at improvements that can be carried out at the Bincombe junction. As a result of these meetings we have agreed to carry out some minor alterations to the junction.

The agreed changes will be carried out over the next two weeks. We will then meet with the companies again to see if they are satisfied with the junction.

While these works and further discussions are taking place the Dorchester Road shuttle service will continue to operate.

The junction has been designed in accordance with national highway standards and has been independently safety audited to ensure that it is safe to use by all motorists.

We have received a few comments asking why we have not provided an acceleration lane at this junction. An acceleration lane has not been provided at the junction as it would not meet with national highway design standards. This is because there is a risk of merging vehicles forcing other vehicles into the path of oncoming traffic. The existing give-way layout means that a vehicle has to wait for a safe gap to pull out.

Read the press release.

Bincombe junction & Upwey shuttle service

August 5, 2011

You may be aware that local bus companies have raised some concerns about the new Bincombe junction. We are talking with the bus companies and are investigating these concerns.

While discussions are taking place we have extended the existing free shuttle service from Upwey to Littlemoor for a further week while the situation is resolved.

The shuttle service will now finish on Saturday 13 August after the last timetabled service (7pm).

An independent safety audit has already been carried out on the junction, and we are confident it is safe to use by all motorists.

Bincombe junction and Ridgeway cycleway set to open

August 3, 2011

Another milestone in the Weymouth Relief Road project will be reached on Friday (5 August), with the opening of the new Bincombe junction and completion of cycleway routes.

Vehicles from Upwey, Broadwey and Bincombe will be able to join northbound traffic to Dorchester, and southbound traffic can leave the relief road to join Dorchester Road and Bincombe Lane. (more…)

Shark teeth

July 27, 2011

Geologists recently had the opportunity to examine the final excavation for the Weymouth Relief Road at Bincombe Hill, which cut through the famous Purbeck Beds.

Sampling of fossil soils has uncovered a huge fauna of small reptile teeth, shark teeth and fish teeth.

The exposed spectacular rock formation will be left on display and will add to the rich geodiversity of the county.

Work update

June 29, 2011

Bincombe works progress June 2011 (large version)

The Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is continuing to take shape, work is ongoing to connect the electricity supply to power the lighting and park and ride building.

It is hoped the site will be open in July. Elsewhere in the area, the Mercery link road and Harriers’ Roundabout are nearly complete and will be open in July.

The new Littlemoor Road now has traffic running along most of it and work is underway to complete the tie-ins with the side roads and the shared footway/cycleways in the area. This work should be finished by the end of August.

The remaining section of the Weymouth to Dorchester cycleway – between Bincombe and the Ridgeway bridge – is still being built and should be open in early August.

The end arch sections for the Bincombe underbridge are now in place and the edge beams are being constructed; work is continuing to realign the Dorchester Road connection with Bincombe Lane, which passes under the new road.

The Bincombe junction is currently programmed to be fully open in mid August.

Remaining works

April 8, 2011

The hairpin bend which has now gone (large version)

Although the main carriageway has been opened, work is continuing to finish other areas of the scheme.

The park and ride is programmed to be open during late May, as will the remaining cycleway links in the Lodmoor area.

Work is continuing on the new Littlemoor Road. The ‘off-line’ sections of road, which don’t currently have any traffic running on them, will be finished during May.

Work will then start on the complicated tie-in where the new road crosses the existing road near to Gould’s Garden Centre. It is likely that extensive traffic management will be needed to complete this small joining section.

The new cycleways along Littlemoor Road will be finished as the adjacent road work is completed. All the Littlemoor Road works should be finished by the end of July.

The Bincombe junction is programmed to open during July, as is the section of cycleway between the old hairpin bend and the Ridgeway bridge.

During the autumn any outstanding planting will be finished.

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