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Two towns mass cycle

September 20, 2011

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the Two Towns Cycle Ride to celebrate the opening of the new cycle route between Dorchester and Weymouth, constructed as part of the Weymouth Relief Road. 

In spite of the rain, 100 people enjoyed the ride up to the Ridgeway and helped the Mayors Tess James and Graham Winter to officially declare the route open.

Celebration Cycle Ride

September 14, 2011

As part of this years European Mobility Week there is a celebration cycle ride to mark the completion of the new Weymouth to Dorchester cycle lane on Sunday 18 September.

Riders from Weymouth and Dorchester will meet at the Ridgeway for photographs and ribbon cutting, by the Mayors of the two towns.

  • Dorchester ride: Meet outside the main entrance to Dorchester Town Football Stadium at 11:15am for an 11.30am start and a leisurely 2 mile cycle ride up to the Ridgeway
  • Weymouth Ride: Meet outside the bus waiting area at Mount Pleasant Park & Ride at 11am for an 11:15 start and a leisurely 3 mile cycle ride up to the Ridgeway

Read the press release.

Bincombe junction and Ridgeway cycleway set to open

August 3, 2011

Another milestone in the Weymouth Relief Road project will be reached on Friday (5 August), with the opening of the new Bincombe junction and completion of cycleway routes.

Vehicles from Upwey, Broadwey and Bincombe will be able to join northbound traffic to Dorchester, and southbound traffic can leave the relief road to join Dorchester Road and Bincombe Lane. (more…)

Work update

June 29, 2011

Bincombe works progress June 2011 (large version)

The Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is continuing to take shape, work is ongoing to connect the electricity supply to power the lighting and park and ride building.

It is hoped the site will be open in July. Elsewhere in the area, the Mercery link road and Harriers’ Roundabout are nearly complete and will be open in July.

The new Littlemoor Road now has traffic running along most of it and work is underway to complete the tie-ins with the side roads and the shared footway/cycleways in the area. This work should be finished by the end of August.

The remaining section of the Weymouth to Dorchester cycleway – between Bincombe and the Ridgeway bridge – is still being built and should be open in early August.

The end arch sections for the Bincombe underbridge are now in place and the edge beams are being constructed; work is continuing to realign the Dorchester Road connection with Bincombe Lane, which passes under the new road.

The Bincombe junction is currently programmed to be fully open in mid August.

Littlemoor Road cycleway

June 22, 2011



Stretch of cycleway being built (large version)

Work will start on Monday 27 June to build the stretch of footway/cycleway between Canberra Crescent and Louviers Road. 

The cycleway is being built on the north side of the ‘old’ Littlemoor Road and will be wide enough to provide a safe route for both cyclists and pedestrians. 

This will reduce the width of the carriageway on the ‘old’ Littlemoor Road and should reduce the speed of motorists.

This section of footway/cycleway will take around five weeks to complete. Work on the west end of route may be delayed due to a nesting bird in the area.

Ridgeway landscape

April 13, 2011

Ridgeway cycleway shaping (large version)

Work on digging up the old section of road from the hairpin bend to the Ridgeway is progressing well, and the council’s natural environment team is working with the engineers to get the curved alignment and restoration of this key section right.

This section of the old A354 is being narrowed to provide farm access and for the cycleway/footpath.

A series of gentle sweeping curves are being put into the alignment so it minimises the landscape and visual impacts while providing a practical and scenic route.

A central grass strip, with a chalk subsoil, will be sown with chalk downland grass and wildflower seed.

Areas of existing dense scrub will be scrapped away in places so more interesting wildflower banks can establish, and it is hoped that the new grassed banks and verges will not only provide great locations to enjoy picnics and open views but also new areas for wildlife to take hold and thrive.                

The Image above shows the very early stages of marking out the curved alignments.

Remaining works

April 8, 2011

The hairpin bend which has now gone (large version)

Although the main carriageway has been opened, work is continuing to finish other areas of the scheme.

The park and ride is programmed to be open during late May, as will the remaining cycleway links in the Lodmoor area.

Work is continuing on the new Littlemoor Road. The ‘off-line’ sections of road, which don’t currently have any traffic running on them, will be finished during May.

Work will then start on the complicated tie-in where the new road crosses the existing road near to Gould’s Garden Centre. It is likely that extensive traffic management will be needed to complete this small joining section.

The new cycleways along Littlemoor Road will be finished as the adjacent road work is completed. All the Littlemoor Road works should be finished by the end of July.

The Bincombe junction is programmed to open during July, as is the section of cycleway between the old hairpin bend and the Ridgeway bridge.

During the autumn any outstanding planting will be finished.

Cycleway update

February 25, 2011

Cycleway opening (large version)

The cycleway from Manor Roundabout to the Bincombe junction will be open in mid to late March. The sections in this area that lead into the park and ride site will be open by the summer.

  • The cycleway through the Littlemoor gap is behind the noise barrier. The planting through this section is currently being completed and the mud will soon be cleaned off the path. As the path approaches the Littlemoor Road bridge, cyclists can either fork left and join the paths on the south side of Littlemoor Road or continue north under the new bridge.
  • The Monkton footway/cycleway is now progressing well with the sub-base stone layer being prepared for surfacing.

The northern section of cycleway between the Bincombe junction up to the Ridgeway bridge and down to the lone house, Swallows Rest, will be open by the summer.

The Littlemoor Road cycleways will be open by the summer.


Cycleway works

November 16, 2010

Work has restarted on the cycleway at the Monkton Junction on the A354.

It will take around ten weeks for this last section to be completed. To ensure the work is carried out safely, between 8.30am and 4.30pm there will be temporary traffic lights or southbound lane closures operating in the area.

The cycleway work stopped earlier this year so that it wouldn’t disrupt holiday traffic.

The last section of the northern part of the relief road cycleway – from the hairpin bend to the Ridgeway Bridge – will be built after the main carriageway is open early next year.

Park, ride, walk, cycle and play

November 5, 2010

Park and ride progress (large version)

Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is progressing well.

In this latest aerial image you can see the 350 tarmac parking spaces taking shape at the top of the area, with the planting boxes being built.

You can also see the tarmac being laid around the 650 overflow gravel spaces.

The luscious green in the bottom corner is the two new rugby pitches, and the wiggle of tarmac on the left is the cycleway link between the main relief road path and the track around the rugby club.

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