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Finishing touches

August 25, 2010

Ridgeway dry stone wall (large version)

The finishing touches are being made to the completed sections of Ridgeway bridge. They include a dry stone wall effect, being carried out by a local company, that you can see as you drive over the Ridgeway Hill.

The Ridgeway bridge provides a safe crossing of the new road for cyclists, horse riders and walkers on the South West Coast Path, as well as safe access for local farmers to fields on either side of the road.

It also has a great view, as you can see in this photo.

The thickness of it

May 24, 2010

Ridgeway bridge May 2010 (large version)

Work is continuing on the Ridgeway bridge. This photo shows some of the final topsoil placed on the eastern approach to the bridge.

This area and the sides of the bridge will be planted with trees and scrub, which is why the topsoil here is much thicker than the Ridgeway road cuttings – which have a thinner layer of topsoil to suit wildflower establishment.

The western Ridgeway bridge approach can’t be completed until traffic is switched from the A354 onto the new relief road, this is because the bridge approach will be in what is now the main carriageway.

Pedestrians, cyclists and horses can still use the paths and bridleways in the area by going along the signposted South West Coast Path diversion, which is also the diversion for the Jubilee Trail.

Road bridge open

May 19, 2010

Lorton Lane bridge May 2010 (large version)

The Lorton Lane bridge is now open for traffic, although some finishing works are being completed on either side of the new section of road.

It does stand out at the moment but soon top soil will soon be spread on its sides, which will be seeded and then planted later this autumn to create a green bridge.

Now that the bridge is open, some of the last bulk earthworks for the scheme can be completed – removal of the old Lorton Lane and the clay beneath the bridge.

A ridge too far? Not anymore!

May 5, 2010

Pedestrians cross Southdown Ridge bridge (large version)

The walk from Upwey Station has got easier for many locals in Littlemoor, as Southdown Ridge bridge is now open for pedestrians and the longer diversion route around the site can be closed.

Work to complete top-soiling and bridge finishings is ongoing, but walkers will be able to use the bridge while this work is done.

How low can you go?

April 20, 2010

Earthworks at Ridgeway bridge April 2010 (large version)

At the recent archaeological exhibition there was some concern about the height of the Ridgeway bridge.

But, as you can see in this photo, part of this years earthworks season is to dig out around two more metres of chalk from under the bridge.

Heading south

April 15, 2010

truck under bridge (large version)

Lorton Lane bridge backfill is going well, with Lorton Lane due to be diverted over the bridge during May.

In this photo looking through the bridge towards Two Mile Coppice you can see the layer of chalk that has been put down and will be stabilised to form the base of the road under the tarmac.

Stairway to heaven?

March 17, 2010

Many people have been confused by what appears to be steps over the Ridgway bridge, and wondered how cyclists will be able to cross over it.

Good news, we’re not bonkers – they’re not steps!

The foundations for the bridge were formed as a series of layers of concrete one on top of the other, and the outside edges of these layers do look like steps from a distance. 

To create the final arched shape, the concrete foundation will be filled over with earth to bring the ground level up.  The blue ‘paint’ recently applied is a waterproofing layer.

The picture below is an artists impression of what a finished green bridge looks like.

Green bridge progress

March 9, 2010

Southdown Ridge backfill (large version)

Southdown Ridge bridge is now being backfilled with earth behind the bridge arches.

Backfilling will build up the level of the ground either side of the bridge to make sure that the cycleway and bridleway is level.

In the autumn, the bridge will be planted to make a continuous line of vegetation from one side to the other.

Lorton Lane Arches

February 18, 2010

Lorton Lane Bridge (large version)

Lorton Lane looks quite different from last week, now that the arches for the new Lorton Lane bridge are in place.

This view is looking south down the line of the relief road towards Two Mile Coppice, with Portland in the background. Over the next two weeks the arches will be ‘stitched’ together at the top with reinforcing steel and concrete. Once that work has been done and made waterproof we can start to backfill the outside of the arches with earth and form the new section of Lorton Lane that will run over the top of the bridge.

Out of the ground

February 2, 2010

Lorton Lane bridge February 2010 (large version)

Work to construct Lorton Lane bridge is moving on, with the concrete support on one side of the bridge poured and the other ready to be poured soon.

The new bridge is slightly south of the existing road, and will connect to footpaths and bridleways in Lorton Meadows Nature Reserve, which in turn connect to Southdown Ridge, Two Mile Coppice and the conservation area near Horselynch Plantation being created as part of the relief road project.

The bridge will be completed ‘off line’ and then connected to the new alignment of Lorton Lane.

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