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Roundabout lining works

March 22, 2012

Work will be taking place on Saturday (24/3) and Sunday (25/3) to put in additional road markings at Veasta and Manor Roundabout.

The additional markings that will be put in place will provide further directional arrows and marking out the circulating carriageway around the roundabouts, shown on the plan above.

Work will start at around 5am on both Saturday and Sunday and will continue until around midday on both days.

During the works Stop and Go boards will be in operation to control traffic. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. (more…)


Landmark sculpture for Weymouth

October 21, 2011

Artist's impression of Jurassic Stones sculpture by Richard HarrisYou may have noticed that work is being carried out in the balancing pond next to Jurassic roundabout. 

Work is underway to construct a landmark sculpture for Weymouth.

Artist Richard Harris has created the sculpture titled ‘Jurassic Stones’. The picture above shows an artist impression of the sculpture.


Eye in the sky

May 3, 2011

Traffic at the Littlemoor roundabouts (large version)

You can now see the completed main carriageway from the air.

A fresh batch of aerial photos – taken in April – has been uploaded onto our Flickr account.

Road markings

April 18, 2011

New road markings at southern roundabouts (large version)

This morning, cones were in place at Veasta Roundabout and on the approach to Manor Roundabout so that additional road markings could be laid.

Some lane markings were always intended but it was felt best to monitor the situation first to ensure they met the requirements of drivers.

Thanks to all those who got in touch about their experiences at these roundabouts.

Dorset Highways is continuing to monitor the new road and will judge whether any additional measures are needed, including reviewing other road markings throughout the scheme.

First roundabout opens

March 9, 2011

 New access to Bincombe (large version)

On Thursday 10 March traffic using Littlemoor Road will start to use the Bincombe Bumps Roundabout.

Drivers coming from Dorchester Road will pass over Littlemoor bridge and then go straight onto the new roundabout and take the third exit (right) back onto Littlemoor Road.Ican Lane access drawing (large version)

Also, from 12.30pm on Thursday, Icen Lane will be closed at the point where the relief road crosses it.

Vehicles and pedestrians coming from Bincombe or wanting to access Icen Farm from Dorchester Road will be directed to use Bincombe Bumps Roundabout and the new Icen Lane link road.

Temporary three-way traffic signals will still be in use at the east exit from the roundabout until the road tie-in work is complete.

Although the aerial image above is from January this year, it should give a good idea of how the road layout will change on Thursday.

Works progress

February 18, 2011

Despite some heavy showers good progress has been made on site during the last couple of weeks. The lighting at the Jurassic Roundabout and Bincombe Bumps roundabout is nearing completion and is being tested. Also the top soiling of the areas around the roundabouts is well advanced.

Most of the signs around the roundabout have been erected including the direction signs with the publicly chosen roundabout names.


Last base layers

January 12, 2011

 Jurassic Roundabout (top) and Bincombe Bumps Roundabout (large version)

The Littlemoor roundabouts are now clearly visible.

Last week the base layers around Bincombe Bumps Roundabout were laid, and this week Jurassic Roundabout is having the base layers laid around it.

These are the last sections of base layer to be laid on the main carriageway.

Christmas & New Year work plans

December 23, 2010

The weather this week has significantly affected works on the Relief Road.

The site will shut down for the Christmas break from today, Thursday 23 December. Work will restart on Tuesday 4 January 2011.

Shortly after the New Year work will start to resurface the Jurassic and Bincombe Bumps roundabouts. The tie in to Littlemoor Road will then be completed shortly before the main carriageway opens early next year.

The picture was taken from Littlemoor Road bridge looking towards Jurassic Roundabout.

November update

November 12, 2010

Littlemoor roundabouts Oct 2010 (large version)

During the rest of November surfacing works will continue across the scheme.

The surface course on the northern section – the main road from Dorchester end to Icen Lane – has been finished, and the white lining, road studs and barriers will be completed by the end of the month.

Kerbing and road construction will progress within the Littlemoor pond area with tarmac programmed to be laid at the end of November.

The Jurassic and Bincombe Bumps roundabouts are taking shape. There is still a significant amount of drainage work to be completed in the area, however, kerb and drainage kerb installation has started, which help mark out the form of the roads and roundabouts in the area.

The middle section of Littlemoor Road will be surfaced to binder course by the end of November, and work will then start on footpaths, street lighting and signage.

The Littlemoor corridor has been surfaced and work is progressing southwards completing the verge works.

At Two Mile Coppice the road formation is being completed. The main line around Veasta Roundabout and on to Manor Roundabout is programmed to be surfaced in the early part of December.


September 24, 2010

Manor Roundabout (large version)

Manor Roundabout has been planted, now that the hottest months are behind us, and some of the final landscaping works have been completed on the rest of the scheme.

This month a lot of the embankments throughout the scheme have been seeded, and the remainder will also soon be seeded, along with the road verges.

Most of the plants for the scheme will be put in during November, December and January.

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