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Around and about Littlemoor

September 23, 2010

Jurassic Roundabout (large version)

The new Jurassic Roundabout is shaping well, and is also a handy location to store drainage pipe as work continues to put in drainage and balancing ponds for the Littlemoor area.

This picture, taken looking south, shows how traffic can link onto Littlemoor Road (the route to the left of the partly formed roundabout) or onto the relief road passing under Littlemoor Bridge (the route to the right).

The roundabouts will be landscaped, planted and have the signs put on them after the road surfacing around them is finished.

Surfacing in the Littlemoor Gap is going well, and you can see the edge of the tarmac under Littlemoor Bridge to the right of this picture.


Sea monsters, birds, bumps and rocks

September 1, 2010

Veasta Roundabout linking to Manor Roundabout (large version)

Over 900 votes were cast over two weeks to decide the names of the new relief road roundabouts.

The winning names are:

  • Jurassic Roundabout
  • Bincombe Bump Roundabout
  • Veasta Roundabout
  • Harriers’ Roundabout

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

The advance signing and the roundabout name signs will now be ordered and will take around six weeks to be made.

The signs will go up during the last stages of construction work, just before the road is open, to ensure that they don’t get damaged.

You can read more about the winning names in the press release.

Vote on names for relief road roundabouts

August 13, 2010

Vote on names for relief road roundabouts (large version)

Four new roundabouts are being built as part of the road, two in the Littlemoor area and two at the southern end of the scheme near Morrison’s. Local schoolchildren, the relief road construction team and Dorset County Council staff submitted over 70 names for consideration. Now an online poll at will give local people a chance to choose their favourite names from a shortlist for each roundabout.

Suggestions were scored by a judging panel against three criteria – relevance, originality and impact, with the top names now being put forward to the public vote.

The closing date for votes is midnight on Monday 23 August.

View the shortlists and vote online.

Work in August

August 6, 2010

Park and Ride roundabout (large version)

August is a key month for the project – final drainage is being put in, and we aim to have the tarmac in place from the Ridgeway to Littlemoor bridge by the end of the month.

We will have finished Chapel Lane bridge, Southdown Ridge bridge and Lorton Lane bridge (apart from the final planting of trees and shrubs, which will all start in early winter). We’ll also have finished all the work that can currently be done on the Ridgeway bridge.

Work is well underway on the remaining four roundabouts for the scheme, and the picture shows the smallest of these – the roundabout leading to the Park and Ride.

We’re also finishing major earth moving for the project. ‘Mount Lodmoor’, the large pile of earth you can see in this picture, is the final cover layer for Lodmoor landfill and the Park and Ride site.

Dorchester’s Stadium Roundabout

July 13, 2010

Stadium Roundabout, Dorchester (large version)

As part of the Weymouth Relief Road scheme, a £1m contribution from the Department for Transport was secured towards the Highways Agency’s improvements to the A35 Stadium Roundabout in Dorchester.

The Highways Agency is holding an exhibition in Dorchester this week for residents to find out more about the scheme, which is due to start in September.

Representatives from the Highways Agency will be available to discuss the scheme and answer questions between 9am and 9pm on Thursday July 15 at Dorchester Football Club.

Read more from the Highways Agency.

Lodmoor update

July 9, 2010

Park and ride site July 2010 (large version)Earthworks for roundabout and road, Lodmoor (large version)

The park and ride car park at Lodmoor is starting to take shape – on the left you can see the bund (earth wall) around the park and ride site and membrane that covers the old landfill site.

The view on the right-hand photo is of the earthworks that will form the road from the park and ride to the new Manor railway bridge, in the foreground you can just make out the start of the park and ride roundabout.

The Littlemoor connection

June 18, 2010

Littlemoor roundabout junctions (large version)

The new Littlemoor balancing ponds and roundabouts are mostly formed now, with all the bulk earthmoving in the area complete. There is still some ‘trim’ works to do, which is the final shaping of the earthworks and placing of topsoil.

Work will now start in the Icen Lane area to connect the north and south sections of the road together and link Littlemoor Road to the relief road.

A small section of temporary diversion road for Icen Lane will be in place while drainage work is done, and ultimately access to Bincombe will be off one of the new roundabouts. You can see how it will all fit together in the drawing above.

The look this season

April 30, 2010

Littlemoor roundabouts earthworks (large version)Littlemoor roundabouts - drawing (large version)

This earthworks season the roundabouts and balancing ponds in the Littlemoor area will start to take shape.

You’ll see from the drawing that there is also still some work to be done on the Littlemoor Road approach to the bridge on the east side (Somerfield side).

Here the road from the bridge will be straightened to connect to the roundabout, which will also move the road away from the houses and give better visibility for drivers.

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