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Park and ride

January 26, 2011

Park and ride building (large version)

At the end of last week, work started to surface the park and ride site.

Good progress has also been made on the park and ride building, which has toilet facilities and a sheltered waiting area.

Also at the southern end of the scheme, the grass on the new rugby pitches is looking good and work is continuing to finish Harriers’ Roundabout.

The park and ride will hopefully be open in early May.

Park, ride, walk, cycle and play

November 5, 2010

Park and ride progress (large version)

Mount Pleasant Park and Ride is progressing well.

In this latest aerial image you can see the 350 tarmac parking spaces taking shape at the top of the area, with the planting boxes being built.

You can also see the tarmac being laid around the 650 overflow gravel spaces.

The luscious green in the bottom corner is the two new rugby pitches, and the wiggle of tarmac on the left is the cycleway link between the main relief road path and the track around the rugby club.

The grass will soon be greener

June 11, 2010

Rugby pitch soil being spread (large version)

The Weymouth rugby club pitches have come a long way since last year – they now have a flat surface and drainage trenches.

The rugby pitches are on top of the former Lodmoor north landfill, and previously had problems with subsidence and very poor drainage.

At the moment an even grade of topsoil is being placed on the surface, and the pitches will soon be seeded, and watered if necessary, to make sure the grass establishes well.

Pitch perfect

May 12, 2010

New rugby pitches (large version)

Surfacing is starting on the new pitches (shown above) for Weymouth Rugby Club as part of the relief road works.

The former pitches on top of the disused Lodmoor landfill were very uneven and had poor drainage. Now that landfill remediation works have been done, there is a cover layer of earth over the landfill, with a membrane over that and a metre of fill over the membrane.

On top of this fill layer we are now putting in pitch drainage and the right type of topsoil for a good playing surface, which is seeded with a specialised grass mix.

Given the right growing conditions, the pitches may be available for use later this year.

Unfortunately this is the one area of the scheme where we can’t use topsoil from elsewhere on the scheme – due to the specialised surface required for playing fields – so over the next two weeks we will be bringing in topsoil along Monmouth Avenue.

Rugby pitches back in action

December 10, 2009

Weymouth Rugby Club (large version)

Work to improve Weymouth Rugby Club’s main playing field has finished and the club are now back playing on home soil.

While the pitches were unavailable, it was arranged for the club to train and host games on the Wey Valley School’s playing fields.

Read more about the work undertaken on the pitches and the Dorset Echo story about the club returning home.


October 9, 2009

Capping the membrane layerPark and ride membrane being laid (large version)

Work to remediate the disused Lodmoor north landfill is ongoing.

The impermeable membrane has been laid and covered with a clay capping layer on the south west corner of the landfill, and work is continuing to cover the rest of the landfill.

After the landfill is capped with clay, work to surface the rugby pitches and the park and ride area will start.

Section of cycleway complete

July 6, 2009

Rugby cycleway section (large version)

This is the completed cycleway around the edge of the Weymouth Rugby Club main pitches at the bottom of Monmouth Avenue.

It’s quite an improvement from the gravel track, which can still be seen on the left handside of this image.

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